Blue Hills College

Blue Hills College is a private Christian-based learning institution registered with ISASA and working on the IEB curriculum. Since its formation, the school has grown from strength to strength. Over the year BHC has instilled a culture of discipline, respect, zeal to excel and oneness among students. This is the character of the school whose mission is to facilitate the development of the intellect of young South Africans, promotes spiritually among all the learners inculcate appropriate societal norms, values and beliefs into the minds of the young people. With such a mission the school has always produced total and useful citizens out of all who join the BHC, with is achieved with honour and pride. Our believe is that is takes a village to raise a child, hence every member of staff and parent has a role to play to build our young people. Always vibrant with life, BHC is a desirable place of learning and welcomes all those who wants to share the experience.

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TEL: (011) 318 7955/6/4882 FAX: (011) 318 2753 16 Village road, Blue Hills, Midrand, 1685

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