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Effective ways to successfully embrace the Digital Age

A digital world needs the kind of online education that is both suitable and appropriate for the children of today so that they can be active participants in the world of tomorrow. Global indicators all point to the fact that the traditional classroom no longer offers an educational curriculum that allows children to adequately prepare for what lies ahead. At Online School, we have designed effective, relevant, and practical learning content for students starting from Grade 8, up until Grade 12. Grade 8 and 9 students can enroll for English (HL), Afrikaans (FAL), IsiZulu (FAL),Maths, Natural Science, Social Science, Technology, IT, Creative Arts, EMS (Economic Management Sciences), and Life Orientation. Thereafter, Grade 10 to 12 students can specialise in subjects that will pave the way forward to further study, and finally, their careers. These offerings includes English (HL), Afrikaans (FAL), IsiZulu (FAL), Maths, Maths Lit, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, CAT and LO

Grade 8 and 9 Grade 10 to 12
English (HL) English (HL)
Afrikaans (FAL) or Afrikaans (FAL) or
IsiZulu (FAL) IsiZulu (FAL)
Life Orientation Life Orientation
Maths Maths
Natural Science Maths Lit
Social Science Physical Science
Technology Life Sciences
IT Geography
Creative Arts Business Studies
EMS (Economic Management Sciences) CAT
  EGD (Gr 10,2021)


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